Solution Manual for

Ordinary Differential Equations

An Introduction to the Fundamentals

(First Edition, 2016)

  Published by CRC Press


Prepared by Dr. Kenneth Howell,

Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Alabama in Huntsville


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Below are the chapters of the solution manual for Ordinary Differential Equations: An Introduction to the Fundamentals, published by CRC Press.  (More precisely, below are the links to pdf files for the chapters.)



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Solutions to Selected Exercises

Chapter Published /



Part 1 - The Basics   

Chpt 1 - The Starting Point


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Chpt 2 - Integration


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Part 2 - First-Order Equations 

Chpt 3 - Basics



Chpt 4 - Separable Eqns



Chpt 5 - Linear Eqns



Chpt 6 - Substitution


Chpt 7 - Exact Eqns & Gen Integrating Factors



Chpt 8 - Slope Fields



Chpt 9 - Euler's Num Method


Chpt 10 - Modeling


Part 3 - Higher Order Equations 

Chpt 11 - Extending FIrst-Order Concepts




Chpt 12 - Linear DEs & Reduction of Order


Chpt 13 - Homog DE Soln (General Results) 



Chpt 14 - Homog DE Soln (Verifying & Intro to Lin Operators) 




Chpt 15 - 2nd-Order Const Coeff Eqns


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Chpt 16 - Springs: Part I



Chpt 17 - Arb Const Coeff Eqns



Chpt 18 - Euler Eqns



Chpt 19 - Gen Nonhomg Eqns



Chpt 20 - Method of Undet Coeffs



Chpt 21 - Springs: Part II


Chpt 22 - Variation of Parameters



Part 4 - Laplace Transforms         

Chpt 23 - Intro to Laplace Transforms



Chpt 24 - Differentiation & Laplace Transforms



Chpt 25 - Inverse Laplace Transforms



Chpt 26 - Convolution



Chpt 27 - Piecewise-Defined & Periodic Fcts




Chpt 28 - Delta Fcts



Part 5 - Power Series & Modified Power Series Solutions        

Chpt 29 - Review of Series

Chpt 30 - Power Series Solns I (Computational Methods)

Chpt 31 - Power Series Solns II (Generalizations & Theory)

Chpt 32 - Modified Power Series Solns & Frobenius Method

Chpt 33 - Theorems on Frobenius Method w/ Applics

Chpt 34 - Verifying the Theorems on Frobenius Method

There are no exercises in this chapter

Part 6 - Systems of Differential Equations (Brief Intro)        

Chpt 35 - A Starting Point

Chpt 36 - Critical Points, Direction Fields & Trajectories


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