Material for a Course in 
Mathematics For Physicists

(by Dr. Kenneth Howell)


Below are links to some of the material I have developed over several years of teaching a two semester, beginning graduate level course on the mathematics commonly used in physics ("Mathematical Methods for Physicists" at the University of Alabama in Huntsville).  The links are to the lecture notes on which the course on which the course was eventually based, and to two sets of homework handouts, one set for each semester.  There are also exercise sets in the lecture notes.


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  4)   I am, by the way Dr. Kenneth Howell, Associate Professor (emeritus) of Mathematics at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, and can be contacted at .

  5)   I should add that I am now retired (that's what 'emeritus' means).  As a result, the material at this website is not likely to be updated in any significant way (except for corrections of errors). 



File & Link Format Date Added/Modified & Other Notes

 Lecture Notes

web page

  Fall 2013 & Spring 2014

  Homework Handout Sets for

    Chapters 1 -- 11
    of the Lecture Notes

web page

  Fall 2015 

  Homework Handout Sets for

    Chapters 12 -- 22
    of the Lecture Notes

web page

  Fall 2015 





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